Safety LEASH (Kopírovat)


Safety device to prevent the Paddleboard from floating away when falling into the water.

Length: 230 cm

Attachment to the ankle with Velcro.

The securing cord is used to attach the Paddleboard to the ankle. In the event of a fall into the water, the Paddleboard will not float out of reach.

The use of this belay cord is recommended for safety reasons.

Using the Velcro strap, the cord is attached to the ankle and the other end is attached to the metal ring on the Paddleboard.

The strap needs to be tightened enough to prevent it from slipping off the leg. At the same time, it must not interfere with blood circulation.

This product is included as standard with the purchase of an Alapai Paddleboard.

Product type: Leash

Length: 230 cm


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